Rarely, luxury and value queue up to greet you.
Rarely, you’ll find a mattress that serves all your sleep needs.
Rarely, you’ll find a mattress that sets a new landmark when it comes to comfort.

Comforto is one such rarity.
And you are invited to experience it.

All under one roof with 40 years of experience

Isn’t it okay to say sleep and mattress in the same breath?
As a family business, we have been actively working on this correlation for over 40 years. Right from manufacturing mattress raw materials and mattress machines to making reliable mattresses for diverse needs, we endeavor to continuously reinvent and bring perfection in our mattresses so that you sleep better.

Vaibhav and Richa

Generation Y at the Forefront: Comforto’s Digital Birth

Our eCommerce division grew out of some series of healthy sibling discussions (read arguments!). Vaibhav and Richa, the comfortopreneurs as our team likes to call, have grown up listening to mattress industry discussions over their dinner table. Little did they know, one day they would be leading these discussions for company progression. Funnily enough, both of them have been a user of Comforto mattress since birth.

Like every other pair of siblings, Vaibhav and Richa have certain polar opposite traits but luckily these have become the strongest pillars of Comforto’ growth.

The extroverted Vaibhav loves talking to people about mattresses while the introverted Richa loves to understand how people feel. Vaibhav continuously strives to make our mattresses better while Richa strives to make the customer experience better. And as their goals perfectly align, we are able to offer you the best of both worlds: a super comfortable mattress and an amazing experience with Comforto.




Comforto mattress will be your sleep support system for years to come. We strictly control what goes inside the mattress and ensure the use of only premium foams, pocket springs, and fabrics in our mattresses. Our commitment is backed by 100 night trial offer because we know that our mattress will ultimately make you fall in love with it.

We have been making mattresses for decades but the last few years have been incredibly redefining. We leveraged digitalization to be able to serve you with a mattress made just for you, at a fair price, and shipped directly from our factory. We have reduced the delivery time and increased the fun of unboxing by compressing and shipping your mattress in a smart bag. The comfort missile as we like to call it!

Being a family business, trust is the backbone of our family as well as business. Our intention is simple; to understand your mattress requirement, suggest how we can help, and once given a chance, let our mattress do the further talking. Our customer care experts will be by your side till you rest comfortably on your mattress.

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