A must read before you leave for the vacation

Now  that we are in the last month of this year, we are sure that the planning for the year end vacation would be in full swing for most of you. While the school and college kids are waiting for the exams to get over and the winter vacation to begin, the office going peeps must have started making frequent visit to their bosses to get the leaves approved. While this is going on, you might have already started the shopping and the packing for the vacation. While you are busy in all this, we imagined each of yours situation in fast forward 20-25 days, when the vacation is over, the new year would have finally kicked in, and you would be back to your home.

So, here is our imagined sneak peak of the day you return from the vacation:

You are back from the vacation, spent a considerable amount of time in deciding the pictures to be uploaded on Facebook and Instagram and sharing your vacation experience with all your friends.  With a bit of reluctance, you would even start to unpack your luggage. While you do all this, the sun would have already vanished giving a warm welcome to the night. Now comes the time when you lie down on your bed for a peaceful sleep and look forward to the hectic next day in office/college/school or  at home. But wait, as you lie down you might feel something is missing. You may toss and turn ten times on the bed in order to figure out what’s wrong but might fail to understand the reason. Like a good friend, we might have figured out the reason for this discomfort.

During the vacation, you would have get used to sleeping on those extra comfy beds of your hotel. Yes, you read that right, while you will truly miss that vacation time, there is a huge possibility that you are missing that comfortable hotel bed as well.

Most hotel beds are so comfortable and luxurious due to the Spring mattresses or the Memory Foam mattresses that are used in hotels. These mattresses are super comfortable and have zero partner disturbance and these might be in significant contrast to the mattresses that you currently use in your home.

Hey! But there is nothing to be disappointed about, because now you can have these at your home too and guess what! That too at pretty decent prices and along with various benefits and added offers. So before you leave for the vacation, why not gift yourself these comfy mattresses so that you don’t miss the vacation comfort once you are back.

Just browse through Comforto’s mattresses and check the Pocket Spring mattresses and Memory Foam mattresses being offered and grab a pair for you soon!




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