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Summoning the nation to become 'aatmanirbhar'

Posted On May 21,2020

Necessity is the life-bearing cause of all inventions. It is only at times of crisis, people get to realize their inner potential, and they venture out to achieve the extreme.

Amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, India has produced in massive amounts, the N95 masks and PPEs for its population. Surpassing its own expectations, it has even supplied vital medicines to almost a hundred other countries. This has led to pitch an idea that the nation should lay more emphasis on the local manufacturing units, markets and supplies.

In simple words, give more confidence to the products made by the Indian companies or, the ones manufactured within the country by the MNC’s. The concept of “aatmanirbhar” is enjoying a wide space in the regular conversations of each household in India.

However, the base behind it is years old. Only with a new paint of the exciting label, ‘self- reliance’, the political cart of strategies is drawn up head for the moment.

Does the rhetoric of “aatmanirbhar” have a special purpose behind it? Would it affect the economy of the post-corona India? Is it against the norms of globalization?

We will have to wait for a good load of time, to get the answers to these conflicting issues.

Now, much chatter about the econo-political matters. Let us push them a little behind the curtain.

The “Vocal for local” may be a few days old, but the rich lessons of ’aatmanirbhar’ take us to ages back, and into the historic scriptures.

Comforto bedding has well imbibed the lessons since its initiation, and has always lived up to the ideal of self-reliance. Comforto is a well-established brand, by the Coir Comfort Industries (India) Private Limited (CCI).

An industry starting from the roots, and flourishing into a full-grown tree – an incredible journey, with each mile covered in the Indian soil. It now stands tall and humble, with its branches reaching the sky, and it always prepared to address the needs of the people around.

1. We do not go seeking outside the borders.

Comforto has been gathering all the effective resources to run the process, from its homeland. The indigenous procurement of raw materials is of utmost significance. It allows us to keep a check on the quality of the mattress we produce.

Again, it provides us many opportunities to further experiment and improvise the structure of the mattress, according to the suggestions poured in by our customers.

Our directors carry an in-depth knowledge of the mattress industry. They have been responsible for supplying the mattress raw materials to some of the prominent manufacturers of the country, for the last 38 years.

Truly, it projects the “Vocal for local” approach, in all its actions and objectives.

2. We prepare your mattress under one roof

We have developed various in-house manufacturing units, which encompasses the story of how a mattress progresses from a single coil of spring to the grand, full-fledged bedding.

Actively keeping up with the technological advances in the mattress industry, we have setup the first Pocket Spring manufacturing unit in Delhi. Over the years, we have been able to clinker-build a strong reputation for our brand, and which holds the ground firm and stable, for our products in the field of competition. We constantly dedicate ourselves to extend the range of mattresses available, and their supply to the different regions of the country.

3. We made the digital space our new abode, to reach you directly.

The journey of a company from a mere wholesale supplier to a B2C digital presence has been an exhilarating one.

While absorbing the benefits of an extensive industry presence, the youth participants of the company have launched a digital portal for the B2C sale of mattresses.

We have decided to outgrow some of the traditional ways of doing business. Throughout the transition period, adapting to the modern means of the marketing world, a lot has changed.

Nevertheless, we have kept the old spirit and value system intact.

4. We preserve the old and welcome the youth

An experienced set of individuals, gracing the talent of facing the odds, handle the manufacturing division. On the other hand, a young team of enthusiasts looks after the retail mattress division. They hold unique visions in their minds and strive to revolutionize the existing norms of the mattress world.

Experience and innovation at Comforto bedding, complement each other.

5. We care for our customers.

It is understandable that you fall in a dilemma, when you are on the front and purchasing a mattress. You either have to rely on the ten minutes you spend with a mattress or go with the reviews you find on the platform. The situation may be stressful and you can essentially pull some valuable hair off your head. To prevent the damage you do to your hair, we have a wonderful alternative to offer.

A 100 nights’ risk free trial is exclusively available for the orders placed through our website.

You are good to use the mattress, rather examine it for the first 100 days. We are certain that you would love the mattress and get comfortable with it, in the very first 30 days. If by any chance, you are not convinced with your mattress, you can still return it. We would incur no returning or shipping fee. On the other hand, we would arrange to have the mattress picked up from your house with no additional hassle or expense on your part.

6. When you order a mattress, we make one

When you confirm an order for a mattress, we start fresh each time and begin working on your desired type.

We pay careful attention to your demands and following the same, customize your product. We put our umpteen efforts forward, to ensure a premium quality mattress, delivered to your doorstep.

The company gives first preference to understanding of the customer needs. Our work force unites in a common emotion, when it is to cater to the wishes of the customer.

The company has supreme faith in the capacity and capabilities of India. It strongly opposes the mindset, that foreign is always better than the local products.

It attempts to prove the potential of India, not by the use of simple jargon but with its consistent and stellar performance in the business world.

Converting the customers into big circle of families and striving to protect their valuable trust, is one of the primary aims of the company.

By Arpita Singh

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