I am so YOUNG! But BACK PAIN hurts!

Do you think working for long hours and sitting on the office chair whole day with no time for exercise is the only reason for back ache? Rethink! You might be wrong. While back pain is one of the more annoying ailments of getting older, but there are ways how you can get over it at a young age.

Spending long hours on the office chair means the 8 hours you spend on your bed at night need to be extra supportive. An undisturbed sound sleep can help you recover your body tiredness.

  • Never sleep on uneasy or sagged mattress
  • Adopt the right firmness of mattress to support your body posture


Our Mattress Technology!

If you wake up in the morning with body aches and uneasiness, you probably need to change your mattress. You need a mattress that can support your body posture from top to bottom and maintain the natural curves. With our years of experience in the mattress industry, we spent a considerable time testing every material on the market to create a mattress that will do just that.

 Our mattress will give your body the right posture support!

You probably didn’t even know your spine needed support. Many back problems stem from an unnatural curving of the spine, and beds that sink or sag only perpetuate painful symptoms. Our mattress will have no sagging, just maybe snoring


Officially we will soon launch our mattresses, meanwhile you may reach out to us for trying our mattress to feel the difference yourself. Write to us at [email protected] or register here for our thrilling Introductory Offers.



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