Your mattress has something to say – Hear it out

Your mattress has something to say – Hear it out

Is it durable? Would it last long? What is about the quality? Your expectations run high and come raging as a hurricane, when it is you choosing a mattress. Well, there is nothing wrong with it. You have an absolute right as a customer, to explore all the parameters. Even with the mattress you have at home, you may face some issues.

If only you flip the coin and look to the other side, you can catch for yourself a new perspective. Suppose you cannot sleep one night. You feel terrible the other day, and go around nagging. You blame everything upon your mattress. What if we look into the matter, and get to discover that it has been your fault instead. Do you not find this a little unfair on the part of the mattress? It can also have complaints against you, but stands still in silence. You get an upper hand more often, and your poor bedding becomes the one bashed every time, by the people around.

Let us give the mattresses a single chance to pour in their complaints, and express their unheard feelings. It may even help you to understand where you go wrong with your sleeping habits.

1. When you binge-watch and chill

Times, when your friends drop in the name of an exciting drama, or recommendations pop in your news feed.

You suffer the drama fever. You become a scout, pack in the food, juices and camp throughout the night. On your beds, you huddle with your laptop and your eyes swearing to watch an entire season until the sun pays you a visit.

Your mattress frowns hugely, and at the same time is worried about your health.

2. When you are not kind enough to yourself

Burning the midnight lamp and over-exerting yourself do not promise you a good morning.

Working late nights, or extending your studies, compromising the precious sleep, may hamper your new day. An hour or two before dawn, you kick in the latex of the bedding with your legs and throw your hands in despair, because sleep has bidden you farewell for the night.

Your mattress gets hurt, but feels helpless watching you, staring onto the ceilings.


3. When you allow social media to mess with your sleep

Your mattress almost shakes in a fit of fury, when you take your smart phones and tablets to the bed.

Scrolling past the memes, your pupils grow and your eyes resemble that of a tarsier, another nocturnal primate on earth. The light emitting from the gadgets strains your eyes and disturbs your sleep cycle.

4. When you listen to your belly, or delight yourself with a cup load of caffeine.

Over-eating can invite gritty blocks into your sleeping schedules. Giving in to cravings, and get a bite prior to sleep, may cause problems. Junk food, is all the worse.

Even soothing your taste buds to coffee can be problematic for some. Your mattress observes you in the middle of nights, racing to the cupboards to fetch the antacids and pain-relievers. Sadly, it takes a long sigh.

5. When you neglect your mattress

You forget to rotate your mattress regularly, and it suffers from a disproportionate shape. It becomes grumpy but stays calm. You do not remember to flip the double-sided bedding once in every three months. On the other hand, maybe you force invert your mattress which is designed in a single-side layout. All and all, your mattress has to bear the consequences.

Sometimes, you become the laundry ninja, trying to remove the stain off your beddings yourself. Unfortunately, you end up damaging it.

Your mattress can get furious upon you but they would never stop caring about you. When your little cousins visit you, and assume the bed as their playground, your mattress copes up with the brunt of the situation.

Sometimes, you take a call, or read any text on the phone, and they disappoint you. Dropping dead on the bed, you cry your heart out. Your mattress becomes the abode of solace for you. When you immerse yourself into over thinking around the early hours of morning, and sit in the gray corners of your bed, the mattress empathize with you.

You take resort in the comfortable bedding, when you are sick.

Now you will be able to see the picture bright and clear. Your mattress always supports you at the end of a day and wishes for some cooperation in return.