Absolutely not. A lower price doesn’t mean lower quality in our case, rather it simply means that the cost of raw material (for instance, the cost of Rebonded Foam and cost of PU Foam is quite different)  used in the lower ranges of mattress is much less than the raw material like Pocket Spring or Memory Foam used in our premium models. So, be assured that even if the price is low, the quality is going to be top notch.

Yes, the mattresses are being delivered directly from our factory to your house. We have eliminated every possible middleman in this process. So, between you and your prospective mattress, there are just handful of machines, manufacturing personnel and logistics personnel.


We usually take 2-3 days for manufacturing the mattress since every mattress is made to order and goes through multiple quality checks. Thereafter, we ship the mattress through a courier service and it is delivered usually within 5-6 days.


Our products are shipped from our manufacturing unit in Delhi, India.


You may check the availability of your delivery PIN Code in the FedEx Postal Code list. In the list, the PIN Codes with Classification as “Regular” are deliverable areas.

FedEx Postal Code



We are trying to overcome the traditional way of shopping a mattress. We sell our mattress directly online and save on the inventory cost, middleman cost and salesperson cost.


We have several convincing reasons to win over this comparison:

  1. We have our own manufacturing unit of Pocket Springs hence we ensure high quality of springs.
  2. We use High Density Springs in our mattresses which ensure adequate firmness and durability.
  3. Our Pocket Spring Mattress is a medium soft mattress, specially designed for regular household use.
  4. We have highly competitive pricing since we supply direct from the factory.


If you are unable to decide between soft or  firm mattress, our Duplex Mattress is like a  coin having both these options. With this mattress, you don’t have to worry about choosing the firmness level before ordering. You can use the mattress reversibly, one of the sides is medium soft and other is medium firm.


We use premium quality of raw material to ensure durability and long life of mattress. But you can significantly pro-long it’s life by turning the mattress head to toe every 3 months.


Our Pocket Spring mattress is customized for regular usage. We do not keep the mattress as soft as in hotels as too much of softness might not be suitable for your body in long term. Our mattresses are adequately soft which make it perfect for giving you a comfortable sleep daily.


All our mattresses are made to order, therefore we offer all kind of size customizations. You need to order the next available standard size, let us assume your bed size is 71 x 70 inches so you will be required to order a 72 x 72 inches mattress and then reach out to the customer service with Order Id for size customizations.


We use high-grade materials that have little to no odor or chemical off-gassing. It does not contain any harmful chemicals, heavy metals, or high impact of air quality. There is no need to air out your mattress overnight. Any faint odors or smells will dissipate within a few hours.


With our 100 night risk free trial offer, your home is our outlet.

You may try our Duplex (6″), Orthocare (6″) , and Royal Coil (6″/8″/10″) mattress at your home and if you are not satisfied within 100 days, we will process your complete refund. To know more about the offer, click here


  • Once you decide to return the mattress, drop us a mail at [email protected] . The mail shall contain your order Id and a picture of the mattress in the current condition.
  • On receipt of the mail, we shall initiate the process of pick up from your address. The same shall be done within 3-4 days of your return request.
  • Once, the mattress reaches back our manufacturing unit, we shall process your 100% refund within 7-8 business days.


Following are the conditions upon which your return request shall be approved:

  • The mattress fabric shouldn’t be spoiled with any stains, odors or tearing of fabric.
  • Retain the packaging material of the mattress so that you can use the same on return.


No Cost EMI is an offer by which you pay your EMI provider only the product price, equally divided over your repayment timeline. For example, if you buy a INR 12,000 product at a 3 month tenure, you will pay your EMI provider INR 4,000 every month for 3 months, amounting to a total of INR 12,000*


Just go through the normal purchase shopping process. On the cart page, Use coupon code EMI3 for 3 months EMI and EMI6 for 6 months EMI.


No cost EMI is available on credit cards from all major banks (Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, SBI, IndusInd Bank, Yes Bank, Kotak Bank, RBL, HSBC, Standard Chartered)


No cost EMI is available on all products on the website given that the cart value is more than INR 3,000


Yes, your bank will charge you interest. However, this interest charge has been provided to you as an upfront discount at the time of your purchase, effectively giving you the benefit of a No Cost EMI*


Your EMI provider will take 3-5 working days to process your EMI. Once done, your EMI will be charged on a monthly basis, as per your credit card billing cycle or payment instructions with your EMI provider. Please check with your provider for specific details.


No Cost EMI Scheme is applicable only on 3 and 6 months.


If your card is not listed then you will have to manually get the EMI converted from Bank. You may pay using any Credit Card and later on get the transaction converted to EMI by calling the concerned bank.

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