Avail this EMI scheme to buy Mattress at 0% Interest

We have launched the No Cost EMI offer scheme to enable our users to buy any mattress of their choice without burning a hole in their pocket. When you want to purchase a mattress, but do not want the entire amount to be spent on in one go, the No Cost EMI scheme helps you in buying it without charging any extra costs on the same. Unlike the conventional EMI scheme, you will have to only pay the exact amount pertaining to the item shopped. COUPON CODE 3 MONTHS EMI – EMI3 6 MONTHS EMI – EMI6
  • The Interest charged by the bank will be offered as upfront discount, effectively making it No Effective Interest.
  • Please note that  No Cost EMI cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • We offer the discounts considered a standard Interest Rate of 13% P.A. which covers the interest rates offered by most of banks.
  • This offer is on a limited basis and can be discontinued without any notice.
Steps to avail 0% EMI Scheme:
  1. At the time adding the product use coupon code to get instant discount of Interest charged by Bank.
    • For 3 month EMI – 2.17% of the invoice value will be reduced from the cart value
    • For 6 month EMI -3.80% of the invoice value will be reduced from the cart value.
    • For any other option (e.g., 9,12 months) – We are unable to offer No Cost EMI
  2. At the time of payment you can choose the 3/6 Months EMI option on the payment gateway and complete the transaction.
If you do not see your card listed under EMI option, you do not need to worry. Just pay for the transaction using the credit card in full. You can then call up the bank to convert it into EMI, in such cases the bank might levy a processing fees. Important Note: In case, you want to return the mattress in the future and if you have already availed of the 0% EMI scheme benefit, only the balance amount is refunded. For example: Lets say you have purchased a mattress for ₹ 100 and used 6 month EMI option on your Master credit card. After using the mattress for a month, you want to return the mattress under the 100 nights trial. So, since you would have received a cash back of ₹ 3.80 already, we will only refund ₹ 96.20. Please note the 0% EMI is only offered on Master/Visa credit cards that are issued in India. We are not supporting any other cards at the moment including the Bajaj finance cards.

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