Refer and Earn

**Introducing Comforto Bedding's Referral Program**

At Comforto Bedding, we believe in the power of a good night's sleep, and we want to share that comfort with you and your friends. Our referral program is designed to reward both you and your friends for being a part of our growing community of satisfied sleepers. Here's how it works:

**1. Share the Comfort, Earn Rewards**
Refer any individual who is not currently a Comforto Bedding customer, and they'll earn 500 Reward Points just for signing up through your unique referral link. These points are valid for a generous 7 days from the date of signup.

**2. Your Reward Awaits**
When your referred friend places an order for ₹5,000 or more, you'll earn 500 Reward Points as well. These points are like extra layers of comfort, and they're yours to enjoy for 90 days following the successful delivery of your friend's order.

**3. Redeem with Ease**
Your Reward Points are your ticket to a cozier night's sleep. But here's the catch - they can be redeemed exclusively when your referred friend shops at With our wide range of premium mattresses and bedding accessories, there's something for everyone.

**4. Endless Comfort Choices**
Your referred friend can choose from our extensive selection of high-quality sleep products available at From luxurious mattresses to plush pillows, they're spoiled for choice when it comes to enhancing their sleep experience.

**5. Each Point Counts**
The value of each Reward Point is as good as 1 rupee in your pocket, making it even more enticing to share the Comforto Bedding experience with your friends.

**6. Sweeten the Deal**
As a Comforto Bedding customer, you can take advantage of additional bank offers when you shop with us. These offers are subject to minimum cart value requirements and the terms and conditions provided by the respective banks.

**7. Peace of Mind with Cancellations**
In the event of a full order cancellation, your Reward Points will be promptly credited back to your wallet. For partial order cancellations, the points associated with the canceled items will be refunded accordingly.

**8. Reward Cap**
We want to spread the comfort, but there's a limit. You can redeem a maximum of INR 1,000 worth of Reward Points in a order, ensuring everyone gets their fair share.

**9. Yours to Keep**
Please note that Reward Points are non-transferable and cannot be assigned to any other person. They're exclusively for your benefit.

**10. We're Here for You**
While we don't anticipate it, Comforto Bedding reserves the right to discontinue the program at any time. If this happens, don't worry; your existing points will remain redeemable until their original validity period expires.

**11. Resolution Assurance**
In the rare event of any ambiguity, differences, or disputes related to our referral program, we're committed to resolving them amicably. If we can't find a solution, rest assured that Comforto Bedding's decision on any dispute or differences will be considered final.

Join Comforto Bedding's Referral Program today, and let's spread the joy of better sleep together!

*Sleep Better, Live Better, with Comforto Bedding.*